Post-Chelski: Signs of Life

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Arsenal start to meekly suggest that there may be signs of improvement as they come from behind to beat Köln 3-1 before acquitting themselves admirably in a 0-0 draw against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Helping us unpack these two results, evaluate the perceived wisdom behind weaning the starting lineup off its usual large dose of Alexis and weigh out the value of Arsenal’s Europa League campaign will be returning guest Martin Tomlinson, plus some new September prize trivia…
Speaking of European football. Many are predicting Arsenal as even favorites with Milan to win this years Europa League. Various sportsbooks are offering odds between 6/1 & 7/1 on Arsenal to win. Try your luck in this years competition and be sure to check out the latest fixture news, subscribe to the podcast on itunes and join the conversation each and every week as we cover the latest Arsenal action.

Post-Bournemouth: Crisis? What Crisis?

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Arsenal leave us believing not a single thing will ever go wrong at the club again as they absolutely waltz past Eddie Howe’s hapless Bournemouth at the Emirates. We’ll discuss Welbeck’s necking ability, turning it up to turbo in the passing game and the emerging multifaceted qualities of Alexandre Lacazette’s forward play before dipping into the slightly less positive transfer-window-that-was and Europa League hardships…

Post-Liverpool: Arsenal Purgatory

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Arsenal remain the living embodiment of the wise old axiom “Consistency’s only a virtue if you’re not a complete screw up” by again losing at Anfield, this time terribly, thanks to a plethora of errors and even larger quantity of disinterest. Joining us in the vicious cycle of sports nihilism known as “Arsenal analysis” will be returning guest Sam Limbert of The Big Diag, plus we’ll try to nail down when exactly Wenger Prime died, discuss why the boss hates new signings but loves “potential” players and debate the level of disharmony at the upper levels of the club…so, you know, get the Arsenal season started off right…