Post-Crystal Palce: The Great Fiasco

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Arsenal’s post-international break slump plunges to a new nadir with a 2-2 draw to Crystal Palace and no small amount of player controversy. We’ll discuss the bizarre Xhaka episode plus Skynet’s/VAR’s latest casualties, along with the usual guff about whether or not Arsenal actually have the stones to move on past Unai Emery…


Post-ManUre: Scrapfest

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We’re not exactly sure what a “scrapfest” is in footballing terms, but whatever it is we’re sure it accurately describes the spectacle that is two sub-par teams like Arsenal and Manchester United hacking up a football pitch for 90 minutes as they make straightforward tasks like kicking a round ball to a teammate look incredibly difficult. We’re of course talking about Arsenal’s recent 1-1 draw against their (former) arch-rivals, which unfortunately typified their average performance over a hot-and-cold couple of weeks in the Premiership, the Europa League and the League Cup. We’ll discuss when players like Pepe need to finally come good, try to slap some identity into Unai Emery’s very dissociative identity disorder-afflicted team, and also take some time to laud Arsenal’s younger players…

Post-Watford: Dumb & Ugly

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2019/20 Arsenal starts looking more and more like 2018/19 Arsenal as they blow a two goal lead to rock-bottom Watford thanks to some suicidal, whipping boy defense. We’ll talk Unai Emery’s lack of identity and the worrying observation that this team simply looks uncoached, plus talk about Arsenal’s over-reliance on the speed game and….ya’ know, all the usual fun things one muses over after a disappointing Arsenal performance.