Arsenal Blog and Podcast

Started by Sam Limbert in January 2007, Sam’s Match Reports was a simple concept. It was a website made up of Arsenal match reports, written by Sam. I know, ground breaking wasn’t it? It ran until the end of the 2010/2011 season. Since then he’s blogged about the Arsenal for ESPN FC, been an Opta analyst, sports editor at GU2 Radio and worked in the sports industry.

Sam’s Match Reports then returned in September 2013 for three more seasons before it became The Big Diag, in honor of a raking cross-field pass. It lost the iconic, and not-at-all-made-by-pressing-the-demo-button-on-a-keyboard, Sam’s Match Reports podcast theme tune. But the weekly podcast with Bale and Rob has an equally strange theme tune, and plenty of football chat.

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The Big Diag are media partners of Arsenal Review USA, so look out for the podcast, YouTube appearances and Sam’s blog on the site during the 2018/2019 season.