Post-Watford: Hello Darkness My Old Friend

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Arsenal regresses to the Arsenal we know and (don’t really) love with a 2nd half capitulation at Vicarage Road, opening up questions anew about substitutions, squad motivation and the usefulness of certain, lackadaisical German playmakers. Totally bailing us out on all the really tough questions will be Woolwich 1886 writer and Arsenal Review USA contributor Jon Shay, plus we’ll discuss non-Alexis goalscoring and the upcoming matchups with Red Star Belgrade and Everton…

Post-Brighton: It’s A Mini-Streak

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Arsene Wenger’s men do what they have to do against the lesser lights of both Europe and the Premier League as they stroll past BATE Borisov and then Brighton a few days later, extending a little run of promising performances. We’ll discuss team spirit in the absence of marquee stars, who at the club clearly enjoys scoring goals the most and whether or not this will be an international break that helps Arsenal’s Premiership momentum…

Post-Leicester: Shine on You Crazy Arsenal

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It’s a new season with the same crazy defending as Arsenal and Leicester rekindle their positively insane gameplay in a last-minute 4-3 win. We’ll talk Lacazette’s complementary forward play, a wasteful midfield and how exactly one catches an abdominal strain (i.e. Alexis’ contract saga) with returning guest Elliot Smith aka Yankee Gunner

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