Arsenal Need Ozil as Much as Ozil Needs Arsenal

Arsenal FC and Their Mesut Ozil Problem

By Sam Limbert

After picking up the first win of the season against West Ham on Saturday, one of the main points of discussion has been about one man who wasn’t on the pitch against the Hammers, rather than those who secured Unai Emery’s first victory as head coach.

Ever since his move from Real Madrid, Mesut Ozil has been analysed differently to other players. His price tag and reputation meant that, somewhat understandably, more was expected of him compared to others in the team. The German has never been the sort of player that was going to take the ball on the half way line, dribble past a whole team and score 30 goals in a season, but the way he has been criticised by some, it still wouldn’t be enough even if he did that.

His game has always been about being an enabler. The rest of the team around him usually all look like better players when Ozil he plays well, but equally those around him need to be on it for Ozil to look his best.Mesut Ozil and Unai Emery

He didn’t have a good game at Chelsea, so while Unai Emery is still tinkering with his team and trying out different combinations in his starting line-ups, Ozil being on the bench against West Ham wouldn’t have been unreasonable. Stories emerged in the lead-up to the game about a training ground dispute between Ozil and the head coach, before he then missed the game through an illness. Unai Emery said after the game that Ozil had a cold and there was nothing more to it.

Training ground bust-ups make for great newspaper headlines, but at this stage we have to take Unai Emery’s word for it that this was nothing more than Ozil feeling under the weather. It’s not the first time his immune system has let him down before a game if that is the case. There were pictures on Wednesday this week of Ozil back in training, so I would expect him to be involved in the squad again on Sunday against Cardiff.

While we don’t know if anything untoward did happen in training last week, it’s important to consider the summer that Mesut Ozil had as context to discussions about the German. Whether he earns £300,000 a week or not, Mesut Ozil is human and mentally what he has been through with Germany both on and off the pitch will have been immensely draining and upsetting.

On the pitch in the World Cup, he was playing in a failing team. It wasn’t his fault that Germany’s defence went AWOL against Mexico and that others then missed chances he created against South Korea. Off the pitch, there were clearly issues behind the scenes and Ozil courageously took the decision to step away from international football. In doing so, he highlighted important issues relating to migrants and racism as to why he felt unwelcome by some when playing for Germany.

The lack of support Ozil has received from other players in the national team, and most recently from Joachim Low, has been extremely disappointing and misses the point as to why Ozil stepped away. The claims of racism were directed at the German football federation rather than the team specifically itself. To have players and the coach come out and deny something that wasn’t levelled at them in the first place, seems like an attempt to sweep this under the carpet without actually investigating the allegations made by Ozil. Given how much Ozil has done for the German national team, the comments aren’t going to encourage him to reverse his decision any time soon.

To have this going on will have made it difficult for Ozil to start the season with a clear head. I just hope that Arsenal can support him properly after a difficult summer. As much as Arsenal need Ozil, Ozil arguably also needs Arsenal right now. Footballistically, Unai Emery and Ozil himself then have to work out the way to get the best from him on the pitch as when he’s playing well, he will undoubtedly help Arsenal win games and he makes football a joy to watch.

While Aaron Ramsey had a positive game in the number 10 position against West Ham, there were numerous moments in the match where I felt like the Gunners missed Ozil’s guile on the ball. Had Ozil been playing on Saturday, I think Arsenal would have controlled the game better as the German is usually excellent at making himself available to receive the ball from the central midfielders. That would then have potentially brought Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang into the game a bit more.

Unfortunately, because of being the highest paid player, I can’t see the added scrutiny on Mesut Ozil becoming any less intense. But I want to see him back in the team because if Arsenal are going to make it back into the top four this season, they’ve got a much better chance of doing it with a firing Mesut Ozil.


A Big Season for Big 17

Alex Iwobi – an Arsenal Man

By Sam Limbert

One of the most intriguing things about the new season is how it is difficult to know what Unai Emery is going to do with his team selection and his tactics. Under Arsene Wenger, everything became very predictable. The 70th minute substitution, which players would get selected and the style of play became quite easy to guess by the end of this tenure at the club.

That isn’t to say that what Wenger was doing was wrong, but because of how long we’d all watched the team under his management, what he was going to do was clear and familiar.

Alex Iwobi Celebrates his goal against Chelsea
Alex Iwobi – Is he the new Arsenal Man?

This isn’t the case in the early part of this season as we all try and second guess what Unai Emery is thinking. From his team selections and substitutions in the first few games, it seems like reputations are being ignored and he’s picking players based on what he wants in certain games. That was evident at Chelsea on Saturday with one of the most surprising names on the team sheet being Alex Iwobi.

After bursting into the first team in 2016, Iwobi didn’t continue his rapid development and drew criticism last season. While Arsene Wenger was great for his career in that he was promoted to the first team at a young age, Iwobi last season looked like a player that would benefit from the voice of a different coach. As a result, he is the player in the squad I’m most interested to see how his game develops under Unai Emery.

In a squad that is lacking in wide players, there is an opportunity for Iwobi to really establish himself in the team and gain confidence from being an important member of the squad. When he is at his best, everything looks natural and like he isn’t having to overthink his game. Much like Theo Walcott, Iwobi’s decision making isn’t great when he has plenty of time to think about what to do. More detailed tactical coaching from Unai Emery could be just what he needs to make that decision making second nature.

I was delighted to see him score at Stamford Bridge because that will give him confidence and was an important contribution from him in a big game. Iwobi’s end product has been a major area of his game with room for improvement as he can panic in front of goal, but he timed his movement into the box perfectly against Chelsea and finished clinically.

Physically he can also become an imposing figure in the team. He’s quick, strong and has the stamina to do his defensive work when playing on the flank. While Chelsea were regularly attacking Arsenal’s right side on Saturday with Henrikh Mkhitaryan not offering much protection to Hector Bellerin, the Blues got much less joy on the other side as Iwobi worked back to help Nacho Monreal. With Danny Welbeck possessing the athleticism to work back but lacking the same technical quality and Mkhitaryan and Mesut Ozil not being genuine wide players, Iwobi offers balance to the team. He is someone who suits the pressing tactics but picking him doesn’t come at the expense of footballing ability when the team regains possession.

The other main I hope Alex Iwobi can progress this season is that he is also an Arsenal man. With Jack Wilshere gone and Carl Jenkinson realistically only going to get a game if there is an injury crisis after his latest setback, Iwobi can take on the mantle of being a fan in the first team and being an example of having a dream as a kid, coming through the academy and playing for your boyhood team.

For someone that has the nickname BIG 17 and has a strong social media game, he doesn’t always play on the pitch with the same amount of expression, especially when he has the talent to do so. The changes at the club over the summer have given Iwobi an opportunity to change that. He’s recently signed a new long-term contract and while that will partly be to protect any future value in the transfer market, it was a show of confidence in his ability and potential.

Not knowing what Unai Emery is going to do, Iwobi could easily end up out of the team against West Ham on Saturday if the head coach wants to get Aubameyang and Lacazette into the same team. But Iwobi was trusted by Emery in a big away game and he repaid that faith with a strong performance. If he continues to take his opportunities in the team, Iwobi can progress towards the player we hoped he’d be when he first broke through into the first team.