Post-Man City: Work In Progress

Arsenal v. Manchester City Review

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Arsenal and Unai Emery start the rebuilding process in the toughest possible scenario and emerge with an unsurprising result, leaving us to wonder exactly how long the post-Wenger renaissance will take and whether or not it can survive Petr Cech’s backpasses. Sam and James from The Big Diag will help us pick over these topics plus Emery’s tactics, defensive covering and the likelihood of seeing an Aubameyang/Lacazette tandem in this early season roundtable…


Post-Wenger Era: Thanks for Every Memory

Merci Arsene Wenger

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Arsenal sees out Arsene’s last home match and the rest of the season in exhibition style, but understandably all we can talk about is what the departure of the club’s most legendary manager means for Arsenal’s future. Helping us revisit the farewell home match against Burnley, talk backroom power shifts and reminisce about Wenger ball will be Travis Burk of the Arlington Gooners, plus we’ll name the not-at-all definitive list of the best matches under Arsene Wenger, discuss his greatest players and generally just get really teary-eyed. Trust us, it makes for some great radio…

…ok that’s debatable. But what’s not debatable is that this is a truly significant moment for the club and everyone who’s had the privilege to follow it for the last 22 years. Arsene Wenger, for all the warts we’ve been able to identify over the past years, is hands-down the classiest, most dignified manager the Premiership has ever seen, and there’s no argument that this wouldn’t even be the league it is now were it not for him. There’d be no Guardiolas plying their trades with teams of obscenely-talented, meticulously-scouted foreign players who push themselves to the physical limit every training day in preparation for matchdays where they can play flowing football. There’d just be beer-swilling mediocre pub teams like Tottenham. And thank God there’s been so much more than that…

…there’s been Arsene Wenger and 22 years of dream football and unparalleled class, memories no other clubs’ supporters can claim ownership of. After all, they don’t have a gold one 😛

Thanks Arsene, personally, for so many of my boyhood and young adult memories. And on behalf of every US Gooner, thank you for introducing me to a caliber of the beautiful game no other club could achieve. God bless you on your next adventure.

Post-Man U Live Show: Punked Again

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Arsenal’s defense reverts to kamikaze mode as they gift Atletico Madrid a priceless away goal before shipping another late one at Arsene Wenger’s Old Trafford swan song. We’ll discuss the silver lining that is Arsenal’s youth, likely starters in the return leg in Madrid and predict Atletico’s degree of caginess in what is Arsenal’s biggest match of the season so far…