Listen to Arsenal Review USA

The midfield’s gone a-rovin’ and our backline of download locations is totally exposed: now’s your chance to get the new pod from iTunes, the raw RSS feed or our archive.

Arsenal’s only second real wretched week of the 13/14 season saw them put in a half-hearted effort against a resurgent Napoli side before losing an almighty slugfest at the Etihad to Manchester City, a loss which cuts their lead atop the Premiership table to a *catastrophic* 2 points. We kid, but the rest of the pod is no joking matter (mostly kidding there too, probably) as we discuss Arsenal’s ability to come from behind in games, weigh the pros and cons of difficult Champions League draws and just conduct a general postmortem on what went wrong against City with the help of‘s Tim Bostelle. Also, James Milner may suck, but he’s not actually our Wanker of the Week, plus we’ll relive the glory days of Arsenal midfielders scoring against Mourinho sides in our new trivia contest…


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