…because with a title like that, you know it’s such an uplifting podcast, don’t waste anytime getting the first show of the new season from iTunes or our archive.

Arsenal’s level of on-field achievement aligns suspiciously with their scant off-field investment as they drop three disastrous points to counter-attacking Aston Villa during the season opener at the Emirates, prompting an unprecedented amount of vitriol from supporters, pundits and people just bored with the standard fare on Twitter. Helping us cut through both fan and managerial rhetoric and analyze the events on Saturday, Arsenal’s growing transfer predicament and the upcoming Champions League qualifier against Fenerbahce will be 7amkickoff’s Tim Bostelle and Ben Smith from WeAretheNorthBank.com, followed by some Turkish Delight prize trivia and an absolute sitter of a Wanker of the Week winner…

As with every other season, but especially now that you’re all so angry (you’re more interesting when you’re angry), feel free to hit us up with your OWN review of the last 7 days or so of Arsenal action by hopping on Google Hangouts and typing 77 55 REVIEW into the “New Hangouts” box (you can also call this number from any phone). Relax, it’s just a voicemail, but if we get enough callers each week we’ll randomly select one to award a prize to, plus we’ll play back the juicier sound bites on the podcast.


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