Kneel before the only North London club amongst Europe’s Elite, by, erm….downloading the latest pod on iTunes or our archive.

Arsenal clinch the Ivan Gazidis Holy Grail of Champions League qualification with a nerve-shredding 1-nil win at St. James’ Park, leaving the pod euphoric with relief and eager with anticipation for an (allegedly) cash-laden 2013-14 campaign. Weighing in on the Champions League credentials, standouts from last season and the Premiership landscape for next will be Arsenal Live commentator Dan Roebuck and Mike Kavanagh of the Charm City Gooners, followed by our listener End of Season poll (with an award dangled at the end)…

…and to all of you who listened to, downloaded, or even scoffed at the podcast this last season, we thank you for your interaction and your like-minded commitment and appreciation for Arsenal football club. The reason we record our spoken thoughts is….well we basically speak them to one another anyway, regardless of whether or not they’re recorded, but in addition to that we value the interaction and camaraderie we can share with each one of you each season, and appreciate your support for this production and more importantly for Arsenal. Enjoy your summer, and remember to always, always support the Arsenal!

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