Bumble a clear breakaway chance at getting the pod on  iTunes or blaze a golden opportunity at downloading it via our archive off into the horizon.

The boys from North London display their off-the-bench quality as they snatch a vital point at the home of the league Champions with a shuffled lineup and a goal from the returning Laurent Koscielny, and we just can’t get over the resplendently transformed butterfly that is Carl Jenkinson. To talk more about Arsenal’s sterling “replacements,” the nebulas topic of zonal marking and the possibility of a French Nicklas Bendtner, we’ll get in touch with George Sedgwick of the Philly Gooners before we discuss the contract negotiations of the club’s 4th string winger and a little Chelsea build-up with ESPN Soccernet Arsenal Blogging Correspondent Sam Limbert, plus a chance at an Arsenal hoodie Gervinho couldn’t miss and more…

Post-Man City: The Kos is back. http://mediaplayer.yahoo.com/js


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