Take a backhanded swipe at the day job that’s fed you for so long and get the new pod at iTunes or just err…download the MP3 file here. Ran out of van Persie metaphors already.

Arsenal’s annual soap opera programming jumps the gun as Robin van Persie suddenly makes his (true?) intentions known through a passive aggressive post on his personal website, followed by an opportunistic open letter written by salivating minority shareholders Red & White Holdings only a day later. What’s it all mean for Robin’s legacy? Who will now fill Arsenal’s goalscoring void? Is it true the original draft of the letter got lost in one of Alisher Usmanov’s chins? We’ll attempt to answer these serious questions and pose a few more ridiculous ones first with Tom Barac from Gingers4Limpar.com and then with WeAretheNorthBank.com‘s Ben Smith, as well as provide a layup of a Wanker of the Week and the usual American Gooner guff…

  Post-Euro 2012: The Usual Apocalypse


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