Come on then, only 2 games left: inch-worm yourself toward the finish line and grab the 3rd to last podcast on iTunes or grab it from our archive.

Arsenal continue their slow but just steady enough pace with a determined draw against the Morlocks of the Premier League, Stoke City, leaving the rest of us to wonder if we’ve already seen the best that Arsene Wenger’s side has to offer this season. To help us pinpoint what a late season slump really consists of then will be editor Kevin Mooney, followed by an end of season report card with Elliot Smith aka Yankee Gunner and a Wanker of the Week deathmatch between (just another) sorry Tottenham alumnus and the most massive throng of despicable human beings the Premier League has ever known. Brilliant.

Post-Stoke: You Stay Classy


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