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Arsenal bring major pedigree to Sunday’s showdown as Man City just bring major overhead in a fittingly one-sided, one-nil win at the Emirates, courtesy of a sharpshooter’s goal by Mikel Arteta late in the game. Talking team chemistry, creativity and Balotelli-sized holes on the right flank will be returning guest Miriti Murungi from, followed by a special guest treat in the form of Arsenal Club Photographer Stuart MacFarlane, who will tell us about the shift in the relationship between players and the camera over the last 2 decades, his personal favorite moments with the club, and which player shows the most interest in the pictures that are taken of him (no prizes for guessing who). Also contest info, Wanker of the Week Deathmatch (??), and much more…

Post-Man City: Poznan Poopers.

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