Get the new pod in it’s prime on iTunes or wait until it’s aged like a fine, French wine and download it from our archive. That’s supposed to be an allusion to Thierry Henry. It was a rough attempt.

Henry does the comeback right as he slides in the winner against Leeds in the FA Cup and sends Arsenal through to the next round, so naturally we’ll be talking about how much goal-scoring impetus we can squeeze out of the furry-faced Frenchman and whether Arsenal’s reliance on a 34 year-old loanee is really the litmus test for a Top Four side. On hand to review the Leeds game and help us spell the word “transfers” will be Jamie Sanderson of Young Guns Blog, and we’ll also discuss Thierry’s longevity and recent form with the host of the Talking Bull podcast, Matt Conroy. Also the Wanker of the Week is actually NOT David Beckham, our FA Cup contest goes into a replay and more…

Post Leeds: Put in the Statue!

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