That’s right, give yourself the gift of broke-ass, nasally-American-accented, Arsenal-centric podcasts by downloading the new episode on iTunes or from our archive. Like something your elderly aunt would get you. Although in this case your elderly aunt is an Arsenal supporter so it’s ok… 🙂

RvP sits one game and plays another would be an adequate way to explain Arsenal’s performance on the week as they get all flappy against Olympiakos in Europe before sinking Everton in the League with a Van Persie wonder goal on their 125th Anniversary. We’ll talk negative Everton and statuesque back fours with Garry from the Twin Cities Gooners, before touching on bronze statues and January reinforcements with Miriti from, as well as unleashing some Christmas Trivia (read: CONTEST) and acknowledge the one (or two) brave soul(s) who called in to review the Everton game. Yeh….congrats…

An eerily quiet midweek sits between us and that team that’s much more defeated than our very much undefeated Invincibles. Prepare yourselves well for Sunday…

And Come on You Gunners!

Post-Everton: Anniversary Gift


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