While you’re lying prostrate in your own six yard box like a felled tree, check out the new pod on iTunes or download it from our archive.

Theo & Robin run riot as Arsenal as a unit creaks past the Canaries to secure their sixth Premiership win on the trot. We talk on again/off again defense and fully-deserving Wanker of the Week nominees with Tom Barac from @FootieFantasies before discussing Arsenal’s next generation of leaders with returning guest Martin Tomlinson. We also reveal the Int’l Break Trivia Contest winner and the correct answer…kinda’. Mostly just the winner…

Also, watch our Twitter timeline on Black Friday as we’ll be running a trivia contest (the prize kind) to keep you preoccupied while you do nothing but sit around and eat leftover turkey.

Ze Germans are in town for the crucial Champions League fixture midweek and (we hear) Robin’s starting, so here’s to getting behind the boys and hoping they stick to the gameplan of passing the Dutchman the ball. Every time.

Come on Arsenal!


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