Two places far less creepy than a van: our iTunes show page and our archive. Download the pod there.

Just when the neanderthals think they’ve discovered the wheel, Wenger rolls the Van out of the garage and into Arsenal’s 3rd straight victory. Contrived metaphors aside, Arsenal really are beginning to find some kind of form, so we’ll further dissect their recent success with Elliot from Yankee Gunner Blog, discuss understandable anti-Stoke sentiment, promising striker partnerships, potentially horrifying World Cup presenters and (one of) Peter Crouch’s worst features…

If you haven’t already, it’s last call (as in until the end of October) for our Arsenal Review USA Costume Caption Contest over on our Facebook page. Best one gets a whole lot of loot, listen to the pod to find out what “loot” is…

Try to get all that taken care of before some hot wet Carling Cup action against Bolton…come on Arsenal!


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