Whether you’re already yearning for calamitous Arsenal defending or having your memory of last season surgically removed, do us one last favor for 2010/2011 and grab the pod from iTunes, or download it from the archive.

Arsenal may not be determined to win much at the end of the season but they certainly are determined to remain consistent as they turn in another disappointing performance, this time at Craven Cottage to close out a roller coaster 2010/2011 Premier League campaign. On hand to pick over the post-season wreckage and cast an expectant eye toward the summer transfer window is sports crazy Wes Rucker from ESPN Radio Knoxville.

There have been euphoric highs and there have been stomach-turning lows, no doubt about it, but let’s face it, by next weekend you’ll be pining for the first Arsenal fixture of 2011/2012. So join us in giving one last salute to the season, the team and the gooners who made 2010/2011 memorable. In the last pod we’ll announce the player of the season, performance of the season and Wanker of the Season as picked by American (and errr, non-american) gooners.



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