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Barcelona, Man United and Massimo Busacca combine to form a humble pie-serving tag team as Arsenal are knocked spinning out of 2 competitions in just one week, leaving us with the thankless task of reviewing it all for your morbid pleasure (we’ll take any plaudits offered, mind). Martin from Arsenal Offside will be on hand to help us find some sort of silvery, silver-like, even just remotely shiny lining on Arsenal’s dark cloud of recent performances as we discuss the club’s chances at rescuing their title ambitions, along with your feedback on the week of Arsenal action.

In addition we’ll drop some more obvious hints for the March trivia contest, which will come to an end in just a few week’s time, so take the opportunity to cathartically dispel your Man U angst and get in your submission…

West Brom on the weekend, then the international break…hang in there, gooners!

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