Yes yes…always available at iTunes or download it from the archive.

We must be brave as we delve into the world of inferiority complexes in an attempt to explain the latest in a long line of Arsenal losses to Man U, a team which didn’t impress on the day but somehow found the winning mentality and work ethic that Arsenal frequently lack. Joining us to mull over the ways Arsenal can improve will be Brett Chase from the Modern Gooner and NYC Arsenal Supporters.

Don’t forget to get in on the trivia contest for December, for which the prize is a cool $25 to use on anything from AND this spiffy Arsenal T-shirt, emblazoned with all those things associated with the good-old days when we bent Man U over a barrel and…

Right, speaking of bending teams over barrels we’ve got Stoke at home this Saturday, so let’s give them a welcome befitting of a Stone Age rugby outfit, shall we?

Up the Arsenal!



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