Go on then…grab it from iTunes or download it from the archive.

No amount of chaos contrived by Arsenal’s defense could wipe away the 2 spectacular goals scored by Samir Nasri as Arsenal beat Fulham to leapfrog a sterile Chelsea and those game-in-hand-artists, Manchester United. We’re thrilled to be able to discuss all that and more with World Soccer Reader contributor and Nutmeg Radio co-founder Miriti Murungi (he’s also a Gooner, in case you were wondering).

In addition, we’ll announce the new trivia contest for December, identify a definite Wanker of the Week (SPOILER: it’s not FIFA, they’re so beyond wankers…), list our TOP 5 Arsenal Goals Scored from Impossible Angles, and much, much more……..seriously there’s more, that’s not just marketing shtick.

Be sure to get behind the sexiest team in London for the crucial Champions League showdown with Partizan, and keep in mind we face Sir Alex and the serial post-poners that are Man U this upcoming Monday.

Until then, thanks for listening and Up the Arsenal!



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