Dirty dirty Arsenal…on the new podcast we discuss all things violence and Birmingham City (the two are indelibly linked) with Tim Bostelle from 7amkickoff, who’s got some interesting statistics on hand. We’re fairly certain you ALL know who the Wanker of the Week is this time around, but we’ll name them (oops!) nonetheless as well…

Yes, you guessed it, you can get the pod in iTunes or download it from the archive.

And in true American fashion, we’ve exploited the season that is Fall with our brand new TwitPic contest for October. That’s right, Tweet us a picture that somehow combines Halloween with your love for Arsenal (Joel prefers drinking from a skeleton beer bong while wearing a Wilshere kit), and on artistic merit we will award the winner with $25 in online credit to SoccerPro.com. You have through the rest of October to snap this work of art. More details here…

In the meantime, relish these back-to-back Arsenal wins and get ready to get behind the boys on Sunday!



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