Please find it in your hearts to forgive the lateness and brevity of this blog post, but surely you’ll believe me when I say I honestly didn’t think Arsenal played a game over the weekend. I mean I DID watch them walk out onto the field on Saturday, and I did perceive a bit of jogging (sauntering in Diaby’s case), but other than that I’m convinced what took place was just a qualifying match for the Emirates Cup.

Look on the upside, at least Arsenal’s phoned-in performance wasn’t half as bad as the positively milk-toast efforts of their exponentially more expensive Manchester counterparts. The only serious entertainment produced on the day was the impeccably-timed cheer-now-boo! soundtrack created by the Emirates crowd during the Adebayor-for-Vieira substition. At least Ade was having fun, flashing unrequited smiles at his old teammates while at the same time trying in earnest to manufacture some sort of redeeming effort in front of the fans he goaded into a frenzy 7 months ago. Good luck with that!

Meanwhile his significantly shorter want-away (allegedly) protégé enlisted himself in the kind of exploitation that’s usually reserved for dwarves from a third-world country (sorry). Now THAT’s entertaining…

Hopefully the boys can now muster up some of that elusive sparkling football for the final two games of the season. It’s going to be hard to do against Fat (oops!)…Big Sam and the Blackburn Mafia but I reckon we’ve got just as good a chance at winning as Allardyce has got at refusing the catering in the executive box. You know it makes sense…

Wet your appetite then over the long weekend with what else?! An end of season fans’ survey, of course! You could also watch Tottenham’s 4th place crusade sputter out against a Jack Wilshire-inspired Bolton, but even that can provide your heart with only so much warmth…

Whatever you do, be well, and join us post-Monday for one of the last Arsenal Review USA Podcasts of the season!

Come on Arsenal!


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